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Examination process and general information

During the exam you will receive an  exercise booklet  and a booklet with  answer sheets .

Write your name and other details at the top of the answer sheet. The examiners will explain where.

The exam center will provide you with a pencil, an eraser and a sharpener. You are not allowed to use your own pens! You will also be given paper to take notes on.

Place your  ID  on the table . If you wear a watch, you must take it off and also place it on the table.

The examiner starts the exam and writes the time on the board. You then have  90 minutes  for the two parts  : reading comprehension and language modules . After 90 minutes the first answer sheet will be collected.

Danger! You must   write  your answer on the answer sheet before  time is up.

If you finish early, you are still NOT allowed to look at the topics for the writing assignment. Close your exercise book, relax and wait quietly for the next part of the exam to begin.

After the answer sheets have been collected, the  listening comprehension part begins . The examiner starts a CD and does not stop it until the end of the examination.

This part of the exam lasts approximately  20 minutes . As you listen, mark your answers on the answer sheet.

The answer sheet will be collected immediately afterwards!

The written expression part of the exam then begins  . You should write a letter. To do this, use an answer sheet. You have a total of  30 minutes  to choose one of two topics and write the letter.

If you finish early, sit quietly in your seat.

Then the written part of the exam is over. You can receive a maximum of 255 points in the written part.

Please read the  overview of how points are awarded now.